From the pastor's pen...


APRIL 2020


Dear Church Family,


I miss you already!

            Hope you are staying well and safe. I know that these are trying, uncertain times. Stress and anxiety levels are high. For some of us, the experiences of closed businesses, food lines and shortages are bringing flashbacks of Superstorm Sandy. Some of us are lonely as we try to socially distance ourselves from each other. Others are worried about their health or their jobs or their finances – or all of these.

            I want to remind you that in uncertain times, there are some things of which we are certain:

  • God is bigger than coronavirus
  • The church is more than just a building; we are the church
  • Jesus finds us wherever we are
  • No virus can socially distance us from God
  • God loves us
  • Christ died for us
  • God is our refuge and strength

We are currently working on new ways of staying in contact. Our Facebook page is up and running. Follow us on Instagram (Community Church Keyport). Updates are being posted on our website ( I will be sending you regular information by mail, as many of our members do not have the internet, a computer, or are uncomfortable with technology. We will be streaming worship on Sundays at 9:30 am on Facebook Live.

I encourage you, brothers and sisters, to stay in contact with me and with each other. Speak to each other on the phone. (Do we even remember what that’s like anymore?) Take good care of yourselves. Use time to take care of your spiritual health as well as your physical and emotional health. I’ve enclosed some devotions for you on the next page- puzzles, too, for you and the kids. If parents are helping children with schoolwork at home, remember not to neglect religious education as well. I have a number of children’s Bibles here. Please let me know if you would like one. I would be happy to drop it off or mail it to you. Some of you may be finding it helpful to watch televangelists on TV. That can be helpful, inspirational, comforting – but please remember, pastors of different denominations have varying theologies and ways of interpreting and understanding Scripture, not always the same as ours, so please evaluate what you are hearing and experiencing.

At the request of the Monmouth/Ocean County Foodbank, the food pantry here still remains open. People are in need of emergency food. Donations from local stores are down because people are buying great quantities in the stores. If you have anything to spare, please share. Donations can be dropped off to the back porch of the parsonage.

If you are struggling with anxiety, please let me know. Our counselor, Lorrie McGough, is helping with this by phone.

 Some of you are concerned about the future well-being of the church. Many businesses and organizations have already closed or will soon be facing bankruptcy. Our church will be 173 years old in April. This crisis will not break us! I believe that God still has much for us to do and many lives to touch.

Please know that God loves you, and so do I.

                                                                        May the peace of Christ be with you,



                                                Rev. Dawn Seaman