From the pastor's pen...




 Dear Church Family,

          On January 28th, we will hold an important congregational meeting during worship. As we do each January, we will review our financial position and the state of the church as of year’s end and our treasurer will present the Consistory’s 2018 budget.  We will also talk about where we are in the process of adding a second affiliation for our church. As you know, the Consistory and the congregation have voted to pursue the process of dual affiliation with the United Church of Christ. Bill and I attended the annual meeting of The Central Atlantic conference of the UCC in Baltimore in November. Our classis will be meeting with leaders of the UCC on January 27th. Dual affiliation is also being pursued by other RCA churches in our classis. During our congregational meeting on January 28th. We will meet seeking God’s leadership and guidance for our congregation. We remember that even now, in the year 2018, wise men and wise women STILL seek Him.

Remember that regular activities resume in January: bible study, Kids’ CLUB, confirmation class, choir practice, senior fellowship, chronic pain support group, lunch program and food pantry service. In addition, we are undecorating our buildings on Saturday, Jan. 13th.

In this new year, join us! Your church family needs you, loves you, and welcomes you in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ. Come and worship and be led by the Spirit!                                    


                                 In Christ’s service,


                                              Rev. Dawn Seaman