From the pastor's pen...


MARCH 2023


Dear Church Family,


This year in adult Bible study, we are studying the Psalms. In looking at Psalm 50, we saw that people were bringing the correct sacrifices and offerings according to the law, but God was looking at the attitudes of their hearts. I believe that God still examines our hearts to see if we are going through the motions or if our sacrifices spring from genuine love for God.


Check your heart next time you are in church or with us online:

  • Are you bringing praise to God because that’s what is printed in the bulletin, or are you consciously lifting your praise to God?
  • When you put money in the offering plate, are you giving out of duty, or are you giving an expression of sacrificial love for God?
  • When you take part in communion, is it just a ritual, or is your heart focused on Jesus?
  • When you leave the worship service, is your life marked by obedience to Jesus, or do you pretty much forget about God until next Sunday?


Look carefully at your heart because God is watching.


I wish you blessings on your Lenten journey.


                                               In Christ's service,


                                                Rev. Dawn Seaman