From the pastor's pen...





Dear Church Family,

            In September, I had the privilege of officiating at the wedding of our fourth son, Scott. The wedding was livestreamed back to the bride’s extended family in Iran. During the ceremony, I used readings from the Koran and readings from the Bible, words from the prophet Mohammed and the apostle Paul. And I spoke about love, the love not only of husband and wife but also the love of God, one God, God of us all. I dearly love our new daughter-in-law and her lovely family, and this reminds me to pray each and every day for peace in the world, for peace and understanding and compassion for people of different religions, races, and ethnicities. Maybe peace and love really do begin with each and every one of us. May we each continue to love our neighbors – even far away neighbors – as we love ourselves.

            We are back to our fall church activities. I hope you will make a commitment to Christian education. Our Kids’ CLUB (Sunday School) program is back in session. Our adult Bible study will resume on October 16th. Thank you to all who are helping with the many ministries that help us feed people: body and soul.

            Denominational update:

            At the Classis of New Brunswick meeting on August 25th, the classis acknowledged that our concerns about the future of the RCA denomination are very real. A task force has been formed to find a “safe place” plan for all welcoming and affirming congregations of the classis by January 2020. While no official decision has been made about churches transferring to other denominations, we were reminded that it is the precedent of our classis to allow churches with legitimate reasons to transfer with their property and assets.

            Our consistory has decided to monitor the situation closely. We will be preparing a letter of transfer in case it is needed. We will wait to see the plans of the classis at the January 2020 meeting. I have been assisting other congregations in pursuing dual affiliation with the UCC. I have also been participating in UCC required ministerial training.

            We will have a congregational meeting following a shortened worship service on October 13th. Bring your questions. I would like to emphasize that NO DECISIONS about transfer have yet been made and cannot be made without a congregational vote. Only official members of the congregation may vote. I encourage our adherents to become members.

            We continue to explore our options and gather information. I want everyone to understand that many theological issues are at stake here that go beyond same sex marriage concerns. Please keep me, the consistory, the classis leadership, and the denomination in your prayers in the months to come.

                                                                                                                                      In Christ's service,


                                                Rev. Dawn Seaman