Community Church of Keyport

(A congregation of the Reformed Church in America)

About Us
     The Community Church of Keyport was founded in April of 1847. Our church is a congregation of the Reformed Church in America, the oldest Protestant denomination with a continuous ministry in the United States. The Reformed Church is derived from the great Protestant movement in the Sixteenth Century, when the Church was reformed in accordance with the teachings of the Word of God. The Reformed Church is the major church in The Netherlands and also in  Scotland, where it took the name "Presbyterian".
     The Reformed in America is evangelical in spirit and catholic (universal) in its belief that all people who are reconciled to God the Father through faith in Jesus Christ, are one. The Holy Scriptures is the only authority for faith and practice. The Order of the Church is Presbyterian, meaning that the oversight of the local congregation is the responsibility of the Consistory, which is composed of Deacons and Elders, together with the Minister.
     This Church is a member of the N.J. Council of Churches, the National Council of Churches of Christ of the U.S.A., and the World Council of Churches. 
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