9 am Prayer group; 9:30 am Worship Service; 10:30 am Fellowship Hour; choir practice:  10:50 a.m.



Worship with us weekly, Sundays at 9:30 a.m. Children’s activities offered during worship. Worship is followed by fellowship hour and refreshments.


Regularly Scheduled Activities:

Bayshore Lunch Program: Monday, Wednesday, Friday:   11:30 am

Tuesday and Thursday: 12:30-1 p.m.

Choir Practices:  Sundays, following fellowship

Adult Bible Study:  Wednesdays, 10:30 a.m./5 p.m.


Special Events:


Elder Tom Baldino and Deacon Jim Cortiglia were installed on April 8th.


Sunday, April 22, will be "Laity Sunday".  Our elders will be leading our worship service.


Upcoming fundraisers: 

 -BLP walk - Sunday, April 29th, 1:30 p.m. Thompson Park

 -Comedy Night for the Food Pantry - Sunday, June 24th, 6 p.m., Fellowship Hall


Confirmation will be celebrated on Sunday, May 6th, during worship.


Woman of the church, please let Pastor Dawn know if you will participate in the Mother's Day worship on May 13th.


Children's Day will be May 20th.  Attendance is important for our practice for this program.  The kids will be wearing matching red T-shirts.  Please make sure Bill Seaman has an order form for your children/grandchildren.





Thank You:


Thank you to our Fellowship Hour hosts:


4/8/18:      The Roa family

4/15/18:    Jack and Donna Caddle, with the assistance of John Merla, for Arayana's birthday.


Thank you to our ushers of 4/15/18:  Nancy D'Amodio and Debbie Hege. Usher captain for April is Lois Bujalski.


Thank you for our fellowship hostsd on 4/15:  Jack and Donna Caddle, with the assistance of John Merla, in honor of the birthday of Arayana.


Thank you to Barbara Pearce for coordinating senior fellowship lunch.


Thank you to those who set up the hall and church on Sunday mornings:  Bill Pearce, Lois Bujalski, Bob Busch, Waldo Roa, and Bill Seaman.


Thank you to all who helped cook and service in the Bayshore Lunch Program this month:  Bill Pearce, Debbie Hege, Lois Bujalski, Nora Sanborn, Tom Babo, Marianna Babo, Bob Busch, and Pastor Dawn.


Thank you to our Kids' CLUB staff for the new year:  Elvie Roa, Bill Seaman, and Sarah Caddle.


Thank you to Laura Conway for working with the kids during church service today.


Thank you to all who brought something to share at our Easter breakfast.  Thanks to all who helped serve in the kitchen and to all who helped with clean-up.


Thank you to all who helped set up the hall and decorate for Easter:  Bill and Barbara Pearce, Roxanne English, Debbie Hege, Lois Bujalski, Tom and Marianna Babo, Dennis Mitchell, Nancy D'amodio, Rod Culkin, Pastor Dawn and BIll Seaman.


Thank you to Mike Seaman, Bill Wisowaty, and Bill Seaman for their work on the grounds.


Thank you to Barbara and Bill Peace who prepare the bread for communion each month.


The bulletin covers for the month of April are given by Roxanne and Mike English in honor of their family.





Please pray for the Food Pantry and its ministry. Please continue to donate food items, loose change, and plastic bags.  The Pantry is also in need of diapers, wipes, coats, men's jeans and sweatpants.


The Social Justice Committee has organized our annual Lenten fast and special food collection for the food pantry.  This began on Sunday, February 18th.   Our first item collected was canned soup; we collected 165 cans!   On Sunday, February 25th, we collected 143 containers of peanut butter and jelly. On Sunday, March 4th, we collected 102 boxes of instant mashed potatoes.   On Sunday, March 11th, we collected 142 cans of tuna and chicken.  On March 18th, we collected 89 containers of laundry detergent.  On March 25th, we collected canned fruit.   On Easter Sunday, we collected 71 canned hams. THANK YOU TO ALL YOU DONATED ITEMS!!



The pantry is also in need of diapers for our clients.  Of course, all food items, diapers, plastic bags, and monetary donations are always greatly welcome. The Pantry is also collecting winter coats, hats, and gloves.  As always, keep the ministries of the Keyport Food Pantry in your prayers.


Congratulations to the Keyport Food Pantry who was honored as the service provider of the year in Monmouth and Ocean Counties by Fulfill (the food bank of Monmouth/Ocean Counties).  There are over 130 providers in our area.  There was a gala held at Ocean Place in Long Branch.


We will be ordering special T-shirts for the kids to wear for Children's Day.  Please make sure Bill Seaman has an order form for your children/grandchildren.



The Coffee Hour sign-up sheet for hosting fellowship hour is now available on the bulletin board in fellowship hall.   Please sign up to host a fellowship hour or work together with several people to host.  Please see Deacon Debbie Hege if you have questions or would like to team up with others to host a fellowship hour. On the same bulletin board, you can also sign up to donate a month of bulletin covers for 2018.  Thank you!


Please note Classis dues for 2018 (the denominational assessment per member) are $115.50.



Our new faith-based mental health initiative is now underway.   Our counselor, April Humes, is here on Mondays  The Chronic Pain/Chronic Illness Support Group will be Monday, May 7th at 1 p.m.,and the session will include a demonstration of "chair yoga".  All are welcome!!  Please call April at 732 867-8647 if you would like to make an appointment.  



Please let Bill Seaman know as soon as possible if you need a letter for tax purposes of your 2017 giving.


Our Building (Capital) Fund Drive is underway.   The ceiling and the walls of the Sanctuary were painted this week.  The cost will be added to our Building Improvement expenses. the Consistory has voted to extend the Capital Fund Drive through 2018 to help pay for these improvements.  To date, we have raised $14,564.  We have installed a new on the Sanctuary at a cost of $13,369.   We are also trying to raise the $4,700 cost of painting. Envelopes are available on the back table for special offerings.  Thanks for your support!!



Our next meetings/dates to remember are as follows:


April 13th - 10:30 a.m. - Fellowship Hall - Worship & Planning Meeting

April 15th - 3 p.m. - Off-site - Classis Meeting




Please make certain that Joanne Baldino has your telephone number for the phone chain in case of closure due to inclement weather.  The consistory will activate our emergency phone chain.  We will also post closures on the website on Saturday evening.


If you would like to become an official member of the Community Church of Keyport, please speak to Pastor Dawn or one of the elders.  All are welcome.